The Future of Online Communication

Welcome to the future of online communication

Remember when you were nothing more than a little red screen name? Think about how refreshing it was to become a face on a profile with pictures, music, and freedom of expression. Now, imagine what it will be like when you aren’t limited by the constraints of images and text. You’ll be more than a name. You’ll be more than a face. Finally, you’ll just be you! Welcome to flikzor.

Don’t 🙂 … Actually smile!

Using your web cam, you can record videos that you can post to your MySpace profile, blogs, and more. You no longer have to worry about how many exclamation marks to put after a sentense, or how many smiley faces are appropriate. With flikzor, your friends will know how you feel before you even say a word.

Don’t type. Speak!

Using your computer’s microphone, you can record audio for your friends, family, and whoever else you want to hear it. Ideally you record video and audio simultanesouly, but even if you don’t have a web cam, you can always use flikzor to send audio-only messages.

Flikzor is not a 1-way street

The true beauty of flikzor is that people can reply and send you messages wherever you post your video and/or audio. If you post a flikzor widget on your MySpace account, all your friends will be able to send you messages back, without leaving your MySpace profile. All they need is a web browser, and a web cam or mic. There’s no “flikzor software” required.

A communication revolution

Our goal at flikzor is to change the way people communicate online. To be clear, we don’t want to be MySpace, we don’t want to be YouTube, nor do we want to be standalone video blogging software.

Flikzor is designed to plug into your existing networks and systems to expand their featureset and make you a more happy user. You all ready have established networks and web sites through which you have connections. However, only with flikzor will you ever truly connect…